Sunday, June 14, 2009

Postscript - Done Deal

We ended up renting an Ultra Classic from Lone Star Harley-Davidson in Tyler the weekend we returned from our trip to the Hill Country and put 350 miles on it in less than 24 hours. It was everything we'd hoped and Liz's back was feeling MUCH more comfortable. After a few days of haggling with the the sales manager, Joe "The" Mann, we struck a deal comparable to the offer down south.

Sold my precious Road King Classic yesterday to a nice fella from Conway, Arkansas. He had just sold his rice burner and wanted to make some thunder of his own.

Sometimes, things just work out on the Road.

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Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Closer Look

As a follow-up to the trip in May, we returned to the Hill Country this weekend to take a second look at serveral of the properties that we scouted in May.

One property, in particular, was along TX-16 between Kerrville and Bandera.  It requires a considerable amount of renovations, but would allow the Thunder Road Motorcycle Lodge to be in business in time for the 2010 riding season. The property was recently purchased in a short-sale and the new Buyer has not yet determined whether they want to make a go of it or flip it to turn a quick buck.  After touring the property in more detail and several days of negotiations, we determined he was leaning more towards the former. Good luck to him...and we look forward to having him as a competitor, as it will be an easy choice for our guests to stay at The Road. 

The Hill Country continues with the two year drought. At this point, most of the the spring-fed creeks and rivers have all gone underground. Between the drought and the economy, time is on our side. We have two properties that are strong contenders and the right terms will come along in due time.

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