Sunday, August 30, 2009

Mercy Riders to the Rescue - Vol 1

A couple friend of ours, Scott and Karen, are transplanted Texans living in the Washington DC area. Looks like they are headed to Texas on business the week of September 21 and considering staying over the weekend of September 24-27, which just so happens to coincide with two large motorcycle rallies that are being held in the Hill Country - the Texas State HOG Rally in San Marcos and the Thunder on the River Rally in Bandera. And so begins the planning of another trip to the Hill Country in search of property!

Normally, planning a trip is a non-event, the normal querying for what do you want to do / see, how long and where, etc. But planning a trip with Scott and Karen gets complicated. It seems that no matter where they plan to ride or the season, they bring rain. They did it when we went to Hot Springs, when we met them for the Blue Ridge Parkway cruise, even when they take a dinner run in DC. We're not talking about a few little showers here and there...we're talking frog-choking downpours.  On the Blue Ridge Parkway trip, we couldn't see twenty yards ahead and were forced to take cover for the entire day! 

We call them the "Mercy Riders" and now, they're coming to Texas to save the Hill Country from the two-year drought.

So it's not enough to plan some really cool rides, but I also have to plan for alternative activities in the event Noah is being summoned, if even for the day. I also have to find B&B accomodations that are motorcycle friendly - no gravel / dirt roads, convenient to shopping and restaurants, and all of the other things that barely come to mind when you're planning a caged adventure. We decide on Fredericksburg as the base camp for this trip and build a short-list of alternatives for all to consider and comment upon. 

Let the planning begin...

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